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WEIRDEST Popular Fashion Trends

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Fashion trends come and go and then come back again. Sometimes a good look is a good look and it should come back again--but what about these trends? Do any of us even really understand why they were popular in the first place?

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8. Washing Gloves Glam
To always poke fun at Lady Gaga’s clothes is to miss the point of why she wears such outlandish stuff. Her style may be tamer now later in her career than it was when she first began, but it doesn’t change that her eccentric image is what we still associate with her. Now let’s talk about her glove game. Lady Gaga is a woman who accentuates not only her outfit but the accessories--like her gloves. Look closely at these--they look more like artsy dishwashing gloves, don’t they? Let’s not forget her oscar getup from 2015 that consisted of that glimmering silver dress and again a pair of red dishwasher gloves.

7. The Return Of The Zoot Suit
If you’re unfamiliar with 1940s fashion, this is the zoot suit. It looks familiar, probably, though you might not have known the name. It’s a funny name, not going to lie. Men wore zoot suits during the mid century, a clothing trend that hit places all over the world, but particularly with African, Italian, and Filipino American at the time as well as Latinos everywhere. Most likely you’ve seen a mob movie where some of the characters wore these. Guess what? They’re kind of back. Yes, the high waisted, wide leg, broad shoulders, and pegged trousers look has returned to the high fashion world. Just look at Harry Styles’s latest stage costumes.

6. Jeans And Shorts
What do you get when you combine jeans and shorts? Jorts, of course. Like a lot of abhorred fashion choices, the "jort" was popular once and then wasn’t popular anymore and now is popular again. The name may be off-putting, but if done right, then jorts aren’t too unflattering. Jorts aren’t just any shorts made of denim material, however. Lots of times, jorts look more like capris and pedal pushers, which haven’t been the best fashion choices in history. What is your opinion on jorts?

5. Pantyhose As Pants
You thought leggings as pants were difficult for you to accept--you probably didn’t believe that society would ever gear towards pantyhose as pants. Surprise, surprise, they have, and thanks to stars like Kim Kardashian, it’s a trend some people are willing to give a chance. It’s not precisely school dress code appropriate but for grown people who want to wear the latest idea of what “chic” is, then you might see it more often. Lady Gaga’s also done the pantsless pantyhose look, too.

4. The Mysterious Croc
Take one look at a croc shoe and then explain why so many people bought into this fad. Sure, you could say how comfortable crocs are and how they were made to be breathable, but everyone knows that the sweat pools in there still, even if it’s just a little bit. Plus they look like duck bills, not even duck feet. Crocs are what are called “foam clog shoes” and started back in 2007 and still somehow is around.

3. The Bangs Bob
Not everyone can pull off the bangs and a bob haircut combo. Ever since Amelie came out, artsy fans everywhere considered it the new way to call to a retro look. While a bob and bangs might look cute on some, you have to be careful how it frames your face because it can make you look much younger than you might desire. Then you have Nicki Minaj who just ended up looking like he-man in her bob wig last year (and it didn’t help she dressed like him, too).

2. Ugly Uggs
It says it all in the name. Why call something a "Ugg" if you weren’t ready for the "ugly” associations? Unless it’s cold and dry outside, there’s no need for you to be wearing Uggs. It’s an understandable purchase to a point about 10, 15 years ago, girls were wearing it all the time. Strangely enough, in places like the Southwest of America where the weather’s known to be warmer, it was a significant fashion trend.


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